Veteran Mobile Food Pantry Expanding

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Soldiers' Angels is proud to announce the expansion of its popular Veteran Mobile Food Pantry to serve the San Diego area. Since the inception of the Veteran Mobile Food Pantry service in September of 2015, Soldiers' Angels has served over 1800 veteran families at its headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. This inaugural event in San Diego is just the first step in expanding the service to major cities across the country. For more information on the San Diego event, visit our Events Calendar here and click on June 9th, 2016.

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Community Through Crisis

April 08, 2020

Community is - and always will be - a core principle at Soldiers’ Angels. Without it, we would not be able to provide the level of support that we offer. Right now, community is needed more than ever as we are forced to stay inside for safety. But community doesn’t have to mean physically being there with others. Our virtual volunteers on the Angel Teams have been a solid source of community for years. When you become a virtual volunteer with Soldiers' Angels, you also become a member of a Facebook Group that connects all of the volunteers on your team. Angels connect on the Facebook Groups to share ideas, build friendships, and work towards the common goal of ensuring our deployed service members, wounded heroes, military families, and veterans of all eras know that we are thinking of them and we are grateful for their service. Learn more about Soldiers' Angels volunteers and how they are staying connected.


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Coronavirus Didn't Stop Atlanta Food Distribution

March 28, 2020

Thanks to an incredible team in Atlanta and an amazing partnership with the Atlanta VA Health Care System, Soldiers' Angels was able to continue the Veteran Mobile Food Distribution in Atlanta yesterday despite the COVID-19 situation. With extra precautions in place-- gloves, masks, social distancing, and asking the veterans to stay in their cars with the windows up-- the team of people who made it happen did everything they could to ensure over 200 Atlanta veterans had food on their tables. In addition to the veterans that were served at the event, social workers delivered groceries to the homes of many veterans who were in quarantine and unable to attend. Watch the news clip here.

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Urgent Help Needed Sewing Masks!

Have a sewing machine and basic sewing skills? Urgent help is needed to help supply VA Hospitals with masks. As medical supplies continue to run on low supply, healthcare workers are now requesting homemade masks to help protect against COVID-19. We are now accepting donations of masks from anyone, regardless if you are registered as an Angel or not. If you are not currently an Angel, please send your completed masks to Soldiers' Angels via the address below. If you are a Team Angel, please reach out to your Team Leader before sending your masks. 

Send masks to: 
Soldiers' Angels
2895 NE Loop 410, Suite 107
San Antonio, Texas 78218

Here's a video providing instructions for the preferred type of mask that includes a pocket for the insertion of a filter:

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Your Mission While Your Stuck at Home: Write Cards

As the magnitude of the COVID-19 crisis came into focus over the past weeks, Soldiers' Angels began receiving floods of emails from supporters and businesses suggesting that we host a card collection similar to our annual Valentines for Veterans campaign-- so, we did! Mission: Cards of Support is collecting greeting cards along with a $1 per card donation to send to deployed service members and veterans. The donations to this program will help Soldiers' Angels continue our emergency COVID-19 support programs. Click here for full details about Soldiers' Angels Mission: Cards of Support.

Despite our current crisis situation, Americans are desperate to ensure that our deployed service members and veterans know that we are thinking of them and we are grateful for everything they do! Thank you all for your incredible patriotism!! 

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We Will Get Through This Together

Please take a moment to watch a special message from Soldiers' Angels President and CEO, Amy Palmer, about the many ways Soldiers' Angels will continue to provide support to service members, wounded heroes, and veterans of all eras amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Please listen to the COVID-19 guidelines set forth by your local governments. #StayHome #StaySafe

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#StayHome #StopTheSpread and #SupportOurTroops

Much of the world's population is under some type of order to #StayHome in order to help stop the spread of COVID-19. For many of us (Soldiers' Angels staff included), this means adjusting to a work-from-home lifestyle... which probably also means a large majority of you are trying your best to work while entertaining one or more kids... (<Sigh>... #IFeelYourPain!!!) Or perhaps you are quarantined by yourself and bored out of your mind-- hopefully you're not to the point of making-a-sock-puppet-that-"eats"-cars bored-- but either way, we put together some activities that may just help you to stay busy during this unique time. Even better-- there's a good chance you already have all the supplies you'll need at home! And if not, we put together some Amazon Idea Lists to help you easily order the products you'll need. Best of all... these activities will support our deployed service members and veterans! So, make the best of the extra time that so many of us face... #StayHome #StopTheSpread and #SupportOurTroops! Share photos/videos of your support on our social channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

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Providing for Veterans During the COVID-19 Crisis

Soldiers' Angels has been providing monthly food assistance to low-income, at-risk and homeless veterans since 2015. As cities continue to shut down and food becomes more difficult to obtain amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, it was imperative that Soldiers' Angels leadership, staff, and volunteers find a way to continue this much-needed support. Yesterday in San Antonio, the new face of the Soldiers' Angels Veteran Mobile Food Distributions came to light. Through gloved hands and masked faces, Soldiers' Angels provided groceries to 200 local San Antonio veterans and their families. Soldiers' Angels will, to the best of our ability, continue to provide Veteran Mobile Food Distributions in all six cities supported by the event throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. View more photos:

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Soldiers' Angels Operational Update

As the COVID-19 situation continues to rapidly unfold across the United States and around the world, Soldiers' Angels has determined that it is imperative that we shut down our headquarters office in San Antonio and enact a work from home policy for all employees as of today, March 17th, 2020.
We feel it is crucially important to the health and safety of our staff, their families, and the community at large that we follow the President's most recent guidelines. Mission essential staff will still be rotating through the office in small numbers to ensure we are able to continue the flow of mail, care packages, shipments, etc.
Please note the following:
  • We will continue to maintain normal our office hours remotely: Monday through Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm CDT.
  • The phone number to our headquarters office will still be operational. However, to help manage the volume of calls to that number, please call the number of a direct contact within the organization, if you have that number. You can also send any email inquiries to
  • Our headquarters in San Antonio will be closed indefinitely for all volunteer opportunities, including the fulfillment of community service hours, with the exception of those volunteers who will be assisting at the San Antonio Veteran Mobile Food Distribution. 
Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we all do our part to #StopTheSpread.

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Canceled Events

Due to the current risk associated with the COVID-19 Coronavirus, many Soldiers’ Angels events are being postponed, delayed, and/or canceled due to the restrictions put forward by the VA Hospitals and Clinics. The events impacted are primarily any events being held within the VA Health System, however, this remains an evolving situation as each VA Hospital is determining their own response in terms of who is and is not allowed within the facility. Some VA’s do not have any restrictions in place as of yet, however, that could change at any time. 

If you are a volunteer that has signed up to help at any of the upcoming Veteran Support Events within any VA Hospital supported by Soldiers’ Angels, please reach out to your Soldiers’ Angels contact to verify if that event is still happening. If you are unsure who your Soldiers’ Angels contact is, you can also reach out to Chris at or call 210-629-0020.

 At this point in time, the events most impacted are:

  • VA Patient Visits
  • VA Luncheons/Dinners/Events
  • VA Coffee & Donuts 

All Soldiers’ Angels Veteran Mobile Food Distribution events are, at this time, continuing as planned on their scheduled date, time, and location.

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In recent weeks, thousands of service members have been rapidly deployed to the Middle East. Many of them received their orders with just a few short days before they had to board a plane into the unknown and now they face months of deployment amid increasing tensions in the region. Together, we can show these brave men and women that America is behind them, no matter what may come next. Soldiers' Angels is collecting care package items and cash donations as a part of the new #GoCamo Care Package Collection Campaign. The care packages will support service members deployed all across the Middle East and let them all know that America supports them! Please show your support for our brave men and women today and #GoCamo by hosting a collection drive, shopping for needed items, or making a monetary donation to help cover the cost of shipping the care packages. Learn more about Soldiers' Angels #GoCamo here.

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How to Become an Angel

Soldiers’ Angels has multiple teams of dedicated Angels who use their talents to support veterans, deployed service members, wounded heroes, and military families in multiple ways. We put together a blog that encompasses what it takes to become an Angel volunteer as well as some of the many volunteer opportunities available to our Angels. Are you ready to be a hero to our heroes? Click here to learn more about volunteering with Soldiers' Angels.