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Fur Therapy

March 16, 2018

Have you ever noticed that petting a dog or cat has a calming effect on you? This is why there are therapy dogs! While we don't do anything with therapy dogs at Soldiers' Angels, we get a lot of questions from people interested in training their dog to be a therapy dog and we just happen to have a former employee who went through the process. Mary, a retired Air Force Senior Master Sergeant, and her dog Daisy became quite a hit with veteran patients at the VA!

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Thank You K9 Veterans!

The United States has millions of brave veterans who have served the country and sacrificed a lot for our freedoms. Some of those veterans are human and some are Canine! That’s right, we have K9 Veterans as well and March 13th of every year is a day to honor them. Read more about some of our countries most recognized K9 Veterans.

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Who's Your Favorite Military Shero?

March 08, 2018

March is Women’s History Month, a time to honor women who have come before us to serve this great country. There are so many women in our military who have paved the way for women now. We asked our Facebook friends to tell us a little bit about their favorite military sheroes. Here’s what they had to say.

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Racing to Honor Our Military

March 07, 2018

Sometimes we are blown away by citizens who want to honor our military. Race car driver Jordan Eddleman is one of them. Jordan reached out to us to get permission to use the Soldiers’ Angels logo on his race car*. Not because he is a veteran - or because someone in his family is. Simply because he wants to honor our military in some way. Learn more about Jordan in our most recent blog.

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How One Injured Hero Inspired an Entire Program

What if you were injured and no longer had the ability to use your computer - or text from your phone? Think about how much we use technology in everyday life to communicate with others and make life easier. When Captain Charles "Chuck" Ziegenfuss was injured in Iraq and lost the use of his hands, that scenario became very real for him. Working with Soldiers' Angels, his injuries inspired the creation of an entire program, Valor IT.

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Military Caregivers: Supporting the Unsung Heroes

The Soldiers' Angels Women of Valor Team provides direct support and encouragement to caregivers of wounded, ill, or injured service members. Recently, the team made some important changes to ensure that our Angels are able to reach as many caregivers as possible. But we need more help to fulfill the important task of supporting the amazing women behind American's wounded heroes! Learn more about the Wome of Valor Team, their recent changes and how you can help.

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How to See Soldiers' Angels in Your Facebook Newsfeed

We need your help! We rely on social media to share stories, gain support for our latest efforts, recruit people for our programs, and spread the word about the work that we do. But since the Facebook newsfeed change, we are finding it harder and harder to show up to our fans. Here's how you can help.

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Thank You for Sharing the Love!

Thank you all so much for sharing the love with veterans and deployed during this year's Valentines for Veterans campaign! We received over 2,000 Valentine's Day cards from people of all ages and all skill levels. The beautiful cards were so full of love, we are absolutely sure the veterans and service members who received these cards were very grateful. Check out our latest blog to see more Valentines!

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2016/17 NAC Female Volunteer of the Year

We are extremely excited to announce that Soldiers' Angels Angel volunteer, Susan Cookus, has been named the 2016/2017 NAC Female Volunteer of the Year by The National Advisory Committee for the VA's Voluntary Services! Susan is the Soldiers' Angels VA Representative at the Little Rock and North Little Rock VA in Arkansas. Her dedication to providing comfort and support to the veteran patients in the hospital is beyond inspiring. Learn more about this amazing Angel and her well-deserved recognition as Volunteer of the Year.

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Warm Feet for Warriors is Back!

Last year we launched a new campaign called Warm Feet for Warriors-- collecting new socks for deployed service members and veterans in VA Hospitals. We began with a small goal of collecting 1,000 pairs, and, thanks to all of you, we blew that goal out of the water and collected over 8,500 pairs!! Warm Feet is back in 2018 and we would love to collect at least 8,000 pairs once again. The collection will run from February 15 to April 30. Learn more about how you can participate in Soldiers' Angels Warm Feet for Warriors.

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Here Comes the Baby Brigade

We’ve been thinking for a while that it was time to give our Operation Top Knot team a fresh name. One that captures what the team was all about. We put the idea out there and asked our angels what they thought. They all pitched in name ideas and we took a vote: Soldiers’ Angels Baby Brigade was the winner! This name truly captures what the team is all about: military babies! Learn more about the Soldiers' Angels Baby Brigade Team and how you can help military babies.

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Back to Work Resources for Veterans

Getting back into the swing of civilian life is tough for former active duty men and women. It is especially difficult for veterans with mental health concerns such as addiction, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Thankfully, America’s heroes are not alone in their quest for gainful employment and entrepreneurship. The following advice and resources can help.